At Boho our team specializes in the most beautiful hair painted highlights using various hair coloring techniques that are customized for each clients hair type, and lifestyle. Wether your desire to be a beach blonde, to have a subtle sun kissed glow or a transformative color change, our team of master colorists can help you achieve gorgeous hair that you will leave obsessed with!

Here are few great tips to help you get the most out of your next appointment!

Consultation || This is a very important step when finding the right stylist and appointment for you. Take the time to discuss your regular hair maintenance, your hair goals and concerns. 

Inspiration || Bring pictures of what you like and don't like. It is great to be on the same page from the start. Our colorist will discuss the best tones for your hair based on your skin tone as well as maintenance. 

Appointment || Don't be nervous! This will be fun! You will get to experience our stylists creativity as they paint various beautiful tones to accent your hair, and bring life and shine to any hair color and length. You are going to be amazed, and wonder why you waited so long! We promise! 




Balayage is a creative hair color painting technique that creates sun kissed, natural and soft regrowth lines. At Boho, girls come from near and far for the PERFECT painted Balayage. We take our time to custom paint around the haircut, as well as create pieces that accent the face and the flow of the hair. Not everyones hair lifts the same, or has the same texture. This color process is one that can be tailored to you for your hair type! This particular technique which we call the "L.A Babe" creates a deeper rooted shadow effect, with the heavy lightening accents towards the face and at the ends of the hair. Makes your skin look like it's glowing, and that you've been sitting in the sun all year long! We recommend you touch up a full Balayage with a Partial or Half every 10-12 weeks, and a full twice a year. 



Foliage is a lightening technique where the painted pieces are weaved, teased and placed in a foil for the ultimate hair lift. This is PERFECT for brunettes and girls wanting to be super blonde. This technique creates the ultimate vibrant strands of color. The Stylists paints pops of color where your hair needs it for a brunette wanting a little something or, someone wanting a drastic balayage effect. Foiling the strands keeps the product moist in the foil and providing a much greater lift than an open air balayage. This color process looks better and better as it grows out. It is natural looking, at the same time nice and bright on our darker haired clients. We call this one the "East Coast Babe", a color that grows out beautifully and  compliments a very busy lifestyle. If you want to see quick results, this is a great color service for you! We recommend a touch up anywhere between 8-10 weeks. 




Babylights are delicate very thin highlights that create multidimensional tones on any hair color. The amount of hair weaves and hair that is left between each foil is super fine, therefore creating dramatic, and or super natural subtle results. Since the highlights are fine,  a shadow root or root smudge ( a technique that erases foil lines at the roots)  is created with a toner after processing. The growing out process is incredibly soft, and with zero to minimal lines of demarcation. This service is the most time consuming and labor intensive of them all. Although it takes time, the result are gorgeous! We call this one "The South Beach babe". We recommend that a full head should be touched up every 6-10 weeks.