Mission & Vision

When Boho was created, I intentionally wanted it to be a place for females only. Women since the beginning of time have always been on the rise. Now more than ever, women are breaking walls down in places where we were never allowed or accepted before. So many woman work hard for our future. The future looks so bright because of these fearless women who continuously wake up each day not only speaking of change, but creating it. I knew I wanted a space where women can come feel free and inspired. A place where not only where we serve great hair, but community and empowerment with love and grace. I love positive women, I enjoy connecting women, the possibility of being someone that bridges the gap between a woman having a dream and finally making it happen, excites me! I know that people love connections, and they love to champion behind anyone creating a movement that inspires, educates and helps our society improve our quality of human life. Here at boho we know, understand and live our mission. We make sure you experience the love through a phone call, as you enter our space, personal connections with our team, and thought the  workshops we offer. We are grateful for you, and we are so excited for all of the visions we relentlessly are working hard to create for you!